Franchising in Australia – Why You Should Join The Hype

Over recent years franchising in Australia has boomed, resulting in a surge of familiar brands appearing around the country.

Why the popularity?

It comes as no surprise that franchising has become a preferred way to start up a new business when you read the stats. A report released by Franchise Business stated that when comparing all the small businesses that opened in Australia in 2009/10, the success rate for franchises outlived that of independent small businesses by an impressive 4 years.

When you get to know the mechanics of a successful franchise business, such as Jamaica Blue™, stats like these start to make sense. Owning a franchise provides you with the perks that come with running your own business with the additional support, business model and established brand name. Professor Lorelle Frazer, director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, highlights that “when we compared independent and franchised businesses during the economic downturn we found that support made a difference to business survival.”

The support you receive from a franchise is therefore an essential asset when starting out a small business, allowing franchisees from all backgrounds to successfully run their business. Jamaica Blue provides expert, ongoing support and comprehensive training to all franchisees, covering all areas required to run a successful café business. Join the hundreds of Australians who have made a positive step by enquiring about a Jamaica Blue café business opportunity today!


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